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If staying at home, here are some suggestions....

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Book Exchange & DVDs to Borrow

Helmdon Reading Room reopens its doors (from Tuesday 13 April 2021) to allow access to the collection of Books to exchange and DVDs to borrow** / exchange. Opening hours are:

  • Tuesday - 10am to midday
  • Thursday - 2pm to 4pm
  • Saturday - 10am to midday


  • **Some disks belong to Helmdon Presents - please borrow then return for others to use (they are labelled). Others disks can be treated as normal exchange/swap items.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided for use on entry and exit.
  • Please contact: Morag Underwood for more information.

Jigsaws to Borrow

There are many jigsaws to borrow from Helmdon Church. Opening hours may vary, but are typically:

  • Sunday - 10am to midday
  • Wednesday - midday to 2pm
  • From 12 April 2021 the Church is open 10am to 5pm daily.

Please contact Ann Smith for more information regarding jigsaw loans.
For other church enqiries please click here for telephone contact details (April 2021).
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Exercise / Fitness / Dance Classes

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Online Theatre Performances & Other Arts

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Online Entertainment

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TV & Online Learning Resources

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Local Projects for Children

Local suggestions, and responses from other villagers, are often posted on Helmdon Villagers Facebook page:
Note that you need to join as a member of this Facebook Group to see the posts.

Online Museums, Galleries, Zoos, etc.

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Live Action Webcams

Webcams of London - See the sights of London (live or timed) - please click here

Cities, towns and heritage sites around the world: try - Note that this website incudes adverts. Viewing full-screen may require a subscription, but you can always just zoom the browser window.

Edinburgh Zoo has several webcams streaming live footage:

Thanks to the BBC for the following. These may include adverts. See original BBC News page for more information:

More Suggestions?

We hope to regularly add to this 'What to Do' page (and pages that are linked from here). If you have links to online exercise, education or crafts, appropriate for a range of audience ages, please feel free to email the link to - many thanks.