Detailed Instructions, User Input Form

How to request an entry on the Helmdon Parish Council’s website (and Facebook page)


Website users may wish to add/submit/post an entry to the Helmdon Parish Council website. This may be an item for a Community Group page, a What's On calendar entry or possibly a Helmdon News item. Detailed instructions are provided below.


  • If viewing this instruction sheet online, any text shown in colour and/or underlined is a link which you can click/tap to go to the linked item. It will open in a new tab/window.
  • You can select a 'printable version' (option on black title bar of desktop webpage)
  • We reserve the right to decline or edit entries to comply with data privacy or similar considerations. Please use the Privacy Policy link, at footer of any page, to learn about our policies.


Print a copy of these instructions (or keep open in a separate tab).

Go to and find the Menu. Menu is in blue box on left of desktop website or drop-down from 3 bars at top of mobile website.

Select User Input Form to Add News & Events from Menu list.

This presents a form for you to complete. Please:

  • select Category (one or more, as appropriate),
  • type in a Heading and More Details,
  • add document(s) - This could be pictures, posters, documents, etc.
  • add contact details.

If you have printed this instruction sheet, or have the input form open in a separate tab, try it now. You can always Reset (button at bottom to cancel / try again) or just exit the page to quit.

Please carefully read the notes in each section of the form, especially for the first few times of using the form. For example, notes explain the best document formats to use.

If you choose a Helmdon News category and your entry is approved, it will appear on the home page of the website. Then, after 1/2 hour, the Heading of the News entry is automatically posted to Helmdon Parish Council's Facebook page (@helmdonpc) with a link to the full News entry on the website. Hence, never put personal details in the Heading of a Helmdon News entry.

Sharing to Facebook

You may Share the @helmdonpc Facebook post to appear on Helmdon Villagers and Helmdon Only Facebook groups (or anywhere else you may think appropriate). You need to be a member to read posts on Helmdon Villagers or Helmdon Only.

For ease of reading, you may wish to copy any text from the original @helmdonpc Facebook post into the shared post, but do NOT include any personal contact information, etc.

For Helmdon Community Groups, if you select the Helmdon News + Share category, we may be able to do the sharing for you. However, please note:

  • We recommend that YOU do the sharing (of posts from @helmdonpc) - then you will see ALL the responses from Facebook users.
  • If WE do the sharing - then any direct responses will go to website editors and not be seen by you.