The Helmdon Fellowship - Constitution

The Association to be known as The Helmdon Fellowship


The aim of the Fellowship shall be:

To provide help for the members of Helmdon Parish who will be given full membership of the Association

To provide social activities for the full members and the social members of the Association.


To be open to:

People aged 60 years and over
Retired people under 60 years
Spouses/Partners of members
People from adjoining villages who do not have their own village organisation and meet our own qualifications. These members will be known as Social Members and will have the benefits of social activities only (ie social functions and outings).
Former members who do not now reside in Helmdon Parish. These will also be known as Social Members.


1. The Fellowship shall be organised by a Committee comprising: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, together with other Committee members not exceeding seven in number, two of whom should be members of the Fellowship.

2. The AGM shall be held annually on the second Friday of October and shall be advertised publicly.

3. The Chairman and all Committee members to be appointed annually at the AGM by the members of the Fellowship and its retiring Committee members. The elected Committee will appoint, annually, its other officers.

4. No two officers shall be members of the same household or closely related to one another.

5. The committee has the right to co-opt Committee members

6. The winter programme shall be arranged in advance of the AGM.

7. All Full Members of the Fellowship shall be visited by some Committee member (by allocation).

8. Annual subscription is due at the beginning of October. To be paid by full members and social members. The amount to be revised at the AGM.