Website Issues & Updates

Website Issues

Spotted a problem with the website content / links / navigation? Please check known issues below. If new problem, please email brief details (including page title) to:

The Website Updates section lists new, revised or reorganised website features.

Known Issues:

  1. Email addresses and phone numbers, have been removed from 'News Archive' entries for reasons of data privacy.
  2. Links to posters and some pictures, etc. may not work. These are being reinstated from mid-September onwards. References to now refer to
  3. Known issues for Community Group pages (18 October 2018) listed below:

Just for reference...

Linked pictures within text - this temporary method currently used for:

Community Groups, archive information - by link to for:

  • Fellowship (news archive)
  • Film Club (programme archive)
  • Helmdon Hurler (previous results and photos)
  • Kneeler Project (photos)
  • St Mary Magdalene (news archive)
  • Stitchers (photo galleries)
  • Women's Club (programme archive)
  • WEA (a few pages)
  • WI (programme archive)

Website Updates

This section records: new website features, menu changes, community group page reorganisation, etc. (most recent change at top of list):

  • 'Paths Group (incl. Health Walks)' renamed to Footpaths and Walking Groups. Group page fully updated and Circular Walks maps added. PW 14 Oct 2018
  • Community Groups, where appropriate:
    • Add initial heading: "[Group name] - An Introduction" RF 12 Oct 2018
  • History of Helmdon
    • Rename Village Trail to Helmdon Trail for consistency with new www.helmdonhistory website. RF 05 Oct 2018