Website Updates

Includes new website features, menu changes, community / group page reorganisation, etc.

See also Website Feedback & Issues

Record of Website Updates - Latest at top:

Reorgnise Helmdon History / WEA Local Studies / Church Projects information RF July 2023

  • Move some history topics from the WEA pages to the Helmdon History pages - to reduce duplication.
  • Update History sub-menu to include Memorial Inscriptions & Publications.

Reorganise Café & Post Office pages RF Mar 2023

Menu updates RF Nov 2020

  • Split one menu item into two, to allow Website Feedback Form to be added. Under 'Contact Us', the revised menu items are Website Updates (= this page) and Website Feedback & Issues
  • Add new menu item for Advent Windows 2020 (Map+Photos)

Menu & Misc RF May 2020

  • Add second-level History menus linking directly to pages on Items in (brackets) identify that they are redirects to an external website. Qualifying **note added to bottom of Home Page.
  • Updated the landing page (if you don't select a second level menu) to include the same links.
  • Information from 'What To Do' (Lockdown 2020) page merged into relevant website sections.

Revised wording in 'Contact Us' section and menu... RF, 15 Apr 2020
from: Submit New Information for the website / Submission Form
to: Post News & Events on this website (Submission Form)

Added entry 'WHAT TO DO' to the Main Menu (above items which are currently not available due to Coronavirus stay-at-home requirements). The new page includes items such as Online Exercise, Education & Crafts, Entertainment. RF, 27 Mar 2020

Added links to the 'What to Do' page at top of:

  • Community / What's On
  • Community / Arts & Ents
  • Community / Education
  • Community / Sports & Recreation
  • Reading Room

Also update Fat Landlord Menu and Page title to reflect Home Delivery only.

  • New menu item "The Fat Landlord (Village Pub)" RD 15/06/19
  • New menu item "Submit News Article or 'What's On' Entry" linking to Submission Form. RF 22/05/19
  • 'Contact Us' menu: Four level-2 menu items added to simplify use RF 05/04/19
    • Contact us regarding Council Services
    • Contact a Helmdon Community Group
    • Contact us regarding a website issue or problem
    • Contact us with new information for the website (Submission Form)
  • 'Whats On' menu: New level-2 menu item added RF 05/04/19
    • 'What's On Summary for mobile site only'. This is to simplify navigation to the summary of next 20 village events (from any web page).

Following 3 changes are based on Village Survey results and are included on Ticker: RF 04/12/18

  • 'Community' menu, and Community page, include groups within, and outside, Helmdon - sorted by age range.
  • Home page now shows 10 Helmdon News items... The link 'More Helmdon News' now goes to page 2 of Helmdon News...
  • 'What's On' summary expanded to 20 events.. Click event title for details.. Click 'What's On' heading for Calendar.

Following 3 changes are result of feedback from users attending Village Facilities open meeting 03/11/18:

  • Update Submission form to ensure Title / Date / Time / Venue all appear at start of entry so that summaries on website Home page are meaningful. RF 12/11/18
  • Add section at bottom of Home page to explain use of Menu and Search facilities. RF 09/11/18
  • Move 'Helmdon (Community) Groups' to Main Menu - to allow fast access to pages. RF 08/11/18
  • Add Planning Menu item to include HS2 and Parish Plan (when updated). RF 08/11/18
  • Rename History page to history.html but keep village-trail.html in case of links. RF 08/11/18
  • Update 'Parish Church' menu to show sub-menu pages RF 07/11/18
  • Move 'Reading Room' to Main Menu RD 07/11/18
  • Add Community Hub Project as menu item under Community Main Menu. RF 01/11/18
  • Add Citizens Advice & Wellbeing to Voluntary page (prev. was redirect to SNVB website) RF 01/11/18
  • New What's On menu item with 3 Items: Village Events Calendar, Arts & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation. RF, 24 Oct 2018
  • Arts & Entertainment link added to Community menu (also linked from Council Services A-Z) RF, 14 Oct 2018
  • 'Paths Group (incl. Health Walks)' renamed to Footpaths and Walking Groups. Group page fully updated and Circular Walks maps added. PW 14 Oct 2018
  • History of Helmdon
    • Rename Village Trail to Helmdon Trail for consistency with new www.helmdonhistory website. RF 05 Oct 2018