Planning Applications

Covid-19: Changes to the way residents are informed about planning applications near them.

West Northants Council's Planning Development department have issued the following notice: "We have changed the way we are publicising planning applications as a result of COVID-19. We are no longer sending neighbour letters direct to neighbouring properties informing them of an application next door to them. This has been brought in to combat the need for staff to attend the offices unnecessarily. Instead neighbours of an application site will be notified by way of a site notice posted on or near to the site only. This accords with the legislation requirements for publicity of planning applications. Details on publicising planning applications can be found here

Helmdon Parish Council will also publish details of the planning applications that we receive to our website.

Planning Applications are discussed at meetings of the Planning Committee; these meetings are separate to Parish Council meetings as the Planning Committee have a limited period of time in which to discuss applications and make comment back to the District and these time constraints usually occur between the scheduled full council meetings. Planning Meetings are arranged as and when required as notice of planning applications is received from SNC. Details of the meetings are shown in the Council Meetings. The Agenda for a forthcoming meeting is published at least 3 clear working days prior to that meeting.

Whilst the Parish Council considers and may support or raise objections on any application affecting the parish, the controlling authority is South Northants Council who can choose to take on board or ignore our comments.

Recent Planning Applications

Please follow the link to the West Northamptonshire's Planning Register. Here you can search for an individual planning application by its number, or select Helmdon from the drop down list for Parish to see all applications located in Helmdon:

The West Northamptonshire website also includes planning details at:

Other Planning Information (Roads / HS2 etc)

Please click here for other planning information.