The Odd Couple (Female Version)

Congratulations once again to Helmdon players for a brilliant production. First impressions always count and having read the programme, I knew that we were in for a Helmdon Players classic! The cast biographies set the tone for the evening's entertainment, as by the time I had finished reading them I was already chuckling, and I am delighted to say that I was not disappointed.

As the plot unfolded the farce developed, becoming more ridiculous and funny as it went along. Smiles became giggles and giggles became full blown laughter! What with histrionics, tantrums, food thrown and the most amusing Spanish accents , this was Helmdon Bridge players at their best! It would be difficult to single out any individual performance as all involved played their parts superbly which made it an unforgettable evening.

Produced by Dave Bridger and directed by Jonathan Oldershaw this was a wonderful production, obviously this partnership worked well as their interpretation of this classic play was excellent. Yet again the set was fantastic and the enormous amount of effort put into this play for just two performances is remarkable.

It is unfortunate that, as yet, the Helmdon web site does not have a Helmdon iplayer, because those of you that did not manage to go to 'The Odd couple' certainly missed the unmissable! Sorry!

One word sums up this production - Brilliant!. Thank you and here's to the next one!

Report by Wiggy Smith