Recycling over the Festive Season

West Northants Council CANNOT recycle some Christmas favourites including:
crackers, foil wrapping paper, glittering cards or tinsel.
Please reuse or place these in your black bin.

Garden waste
Garden waste collection services across West Northants will be suspended from 27 December until 7 January.

Real Christmas trees
Real Christmas trees will be collected 14th January (Helmdon) or 11th January (Falcutt).
Please place trees next to garden waste bin - please don't obstruct footpath or highway.
To help collection crews, please ensure trees over 6ft tall are cut up into manageable pieces.

For more information about bin collections over the festive season, please visit

Thank you
[Originally posted 16 Dec 2021]

Posted: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 11:30 by Richard

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