In need of help?

Some residents in Helmdon may feel alone during this time whether due to self-isolation or because they fall into a higher risk category. Helmdon Parish Council would like to help during this time.


We have volunteer help available. You may need assistance such as help with groceries, collecting medicines or other errands such as walking your dog, a chat on the phone or just help with your bins. If you need help, or you know of anyone else who needs help, please contact the Parish Clerk


Our volunteers cannot help with services that should be done by professionals or care services and are not able to go into your home. They also cannot take cash out using a card or provide childcare. Please be wary of people calling at the door who you are not expecting, or people offering to sell you groceries, provide virus testing or asking to enter your house. If you have any concerns about a visitor please contact the Parish Clerk.

For up to date advice from the NHS please click here. For up to date information from the Government please click here.

Originally posted 24 March 2020

Posted: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 17:19 by Helen du Bois

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