The Thursday bus - your support is needed.

The Thursday bus - your support is needed.

The trial period for the Thursday bus to Banbury has come to an end. We feel that it's been a success - there are regularly more than 35 passengers each week and over Christmas it was so popular that we had to organise a bigger bus! Both Helmdon and Greatworth Parish Council want the service to continue but for it to have a secure long term future it needs to generate some income towards the cost of the coach hire.

From this week, we will be introducing a suggested passenger donation of £2.00 per trip, payable when passengers board the coach in Banbury to return home. We hope that you will support us with this and we will do our best to ensure that the bus continues running long into the future.

The bus runs to Banbury every Thursday morning - stopping for passengers at the top of Cross Lane at approx 10:18am and at the bottom of Church Street at approx 10:22am before heading through Greatworth and onto Banbury Bus Station. It returns from there at 1pm. The bus is available for all residents of both villages. Any queries, please contact the Clerk.

Posted: Tue, 02 Apr 2019 11:41 by Helen du Bois

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