Jack and the Beanstalk

The Christmas pantomime for the year 2000 was Jack and the Beanstalk by Jack Morley, directed by Jean Urban and produced by Dave Bridger. The pianist was Liz Woolley, with Lucy McGee on clarinet, and Dave Edmondson on drums. All the stage crew must be congratulated, those responsible for costumes, scenery, lighting, properties, stage management, etc., with special mention for sound effects.

The pantomime follows the story of Jack and his family, who live in a village overshadowed by Giant Blunderbore who ensures that they all live in fear. Because of the Giant. who makes them pay taxes, they are all poor. Jack unwittingly becomes the champion they are looking for to set them all free. Needless to say, the story has a happy ending.

Notable performances were from cast members David Derbyshire as Flashcreep, Morag Underwood as the Vegetable Fairy, Nicola Dent as Jack, Briony Coates as the Princess, Simon Wallace as Silly Billy and David Bridger as Dame Trot, and there was admiration for the Daisy the cow, played by Leanne Griffiths and Tara Bodily. However, there was a long list of cast members, including many young people, who all performed excellently, singing and dancing their way into making this one of the slickest pantomimes in recent years. Audience participation was at an all-time high!

The writer attended the Thursday performance, and if the rest of the audiences enjoyed the pantomime as much as the first one did, there were a lot of satisfied people in Helmdon at the weekend. Anyone who would like to talk part in future performances, please contact us.