Helmdon WI Events Archive 2000-2016 (text only)

January Quiz - 09 January 2016

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Christmas Party - 13 December 2015

WI party
Candles and decorations

WI members gathered together for our Christmas party with a hot meal prepared by the committee, followed by craft activities of candles in decorated flowerpots, along with a soap and flannel in the style of a reindeer complete with antlers, tinkling bells, red nose and wiggly eyes!! Magnificent efforts everyone!

Secret Santa presents added to the excitement and yet more food with mince pies & chocolates – just practicing for the coming weeks of course!!

We have a quiz for our next meeting on January 13th – do come along.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Vanessa Vicars

Storyteller At WI Link Meeting - 02 November 2015

WI link meeting speaker

Storyteller Jo Blake Cave

Twice a year there is a link meeting of local Women's Institutes. On 7th October it was Helmdon's turn to host the event and institutes from Aston le Walls & Appletree, Boddington, Byfield, Chacombe, Chipping Warden & Edgecote, Lois Weedon & Weston, Middleton Cheney and Woodford & Hinton, converged upon Helmdon.

A warm welcome awaited them and after excellent entertainment from Jo Blake Cave, Storyteller (you could have heard a pin drop the audience was so entranced), a delicious supper was served by Helmdon members.

To end the evening each Institute reported on their previous six months programme, giving ideas for future institute meetings. The ceremonial rose bowl was presented to Byfield, who will host the next event in spring 2016.

Members' Celebration Of 100 Years Of The WI - posted 09 September 2015

Jenny Saunders hosted a garden party for the members of Helmdon WI.
(July 2015)

WI Centenary Celebrated In Helmdon - posted 06 August 2015

After its beginnings in Canada in 1897, the WI in England celebrated its Centenary this year. Helmdon WI has been in existence for nearly that time, in fact 94 years, seeing many changes in the country throughout the Second World War and the ensuing century into 2015.

WI centenary tea
A crowded Reading Room

Wi centenary tea
The splendid tea

What began as an organisation influenced by suffragettes seeking rights for women developed into a vast women's organisation which still identifies national issues, and which still tenaciously crusades for what it believes is right, making the organisation so much more than "Jam and Jerusalem".

On Saturday 25 July, to celebrate the national Centenary, Helmdon WI members invited anyone who wished to come to what was a very successful Tea Party in a decorated Reading Room. There was a craft exhibition of members' work, a display of history of the WI, and photographs of Helmdon branch's activities throughout the years. A delicious tea was provided by members which was enjoyed by all.

Here's to the next 100 years!

The Japanese Craft of Sashiko - posted 16 February 2015

Over twenty WI members enjoyed a talk and demonstration by Rebecca Ayrton on Sashiko quilting on Wednesday 11 February. Even the less creative of us (yes, there are one or two!) became enthusiastic as Rebecca told us its history and showed us beautiful examples of her work.

Rebecca and Sashiko quiilting
Rebecca showing some of the Sashiko designs

part of the quilting display
Part of the quilting display

Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan. Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or to repair worn places or tears with patches, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery with some of the patterns being amazing.

Rainbow coloured quilt and members enjoying the coffee break
(from left) Carol Brookhouse, Pam Jeffs, Audrey Forgham,
Ann Smith and Joan Hadfield

Display of Japanese articles

After the talk there was time to look at the different Japanese articles such as pottery, fans and photographs brought by members which were on display.

The Wild West Comes to The WI - posted 23 November 2014

wi wild west group
Derek Batten (centre) flanked by WI members

In November Derek Batten gave a talk entitled Women of the Wild West, and what an interesting and fascinating talk it was.

These women had to be a resourceful lot to cope with the elements that surrounded them; the harsh conditions, lawlessness, and living in an age in which there were few amenities. He gave us glimpses of the lives of such well known figures as Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane, and touched on some which are less well known, leaving us with mental images of these women and their big families living in shacks and in poor conditions on the vast, treeless prairies.

Mr Batten was delighted that many of the members had dressed up as women of the Wild West and judged saloon girl Carol Brookhouse to have the best costume.

Balfour Ensemble An Open Meeting - posted 20 May 2014

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Broadcaster And Writer Simeon Courtie At The WI - posted 21 February 2013

Simon Courtie

Simeon entertained WI members in the Reading room

Simeon Courtie, broadcaster & writer, entertained the WI with a talk about his trip around the world with his wife and three children travelling in a VW camper van starting from Strawberry Fields children's home in Liverpool and ending in Strawberry Fields memorial garden in Central Park, New York, 'busking' Beatles songs and raising money for the charity UNICEF. A most enlightening experience for them all and one a lot of us would love to have the courage to do – bit like having a 'gap year'...brilliant! Simeon has also written a book about their journey.
Vanessa Vicars

Simeon's book The Long And Whining Road is published at £7.49. An amazing story of an amazing family, funny and entertaining, it won the Grand Prize at the London Book Festival 2012.

A Successful Fashion Show - posted 24 November 2012

A fun and entertaining Fashion Show put on by Ellie 'and her girls' raised £316.50 for WI funds. Thank you to all those who suppported the event and made it so successful.

Over £200 Raised For Katherine House Hospice - posted 18 September 2012

WI stall for Katherine House
Jean Brookhouse (left) selling raffle tickets with Pat Goodger (centre)
and Lynn Gartside at the busy cafe

The village café opens at the same time as the morning post office on a Thursday morning. It is always busy, dispensing cake, coffee and tea, but Tuesday 11 September saw an especially crowded hall because of the presence of the WI stall in aid of the Katherine House Hospice, which raised £135.

Following on from this, on Saturday 15 September the WI manned a small stall at the Dogs Trust Book & Cake Sale in the Reading Room, and raised £66.

In all £201 was raised for the Hospice, and the WI wish to thank all who brought or bought.

Flower Arrangements At The May Meeting - 23 June 2012

WI flower arrangements

Photograph: Vanessa Vicars

Every month the members have a competition, and at the May meeting it was 'A flower arrangement in a tea cup'.

The results were stunning - here are some of the arrangements.

The Craft Of Silk Painting Proved Very Enjoyable - posted 11 February 2012

Alison Sheppard from Radstone was welcomed by the WI on Wednesday 9th February to talk on painting on silk.

Wax resist techniques for embellishing silk can be traced back to India in the second century A.D. and to Java 200 years later where the batik industry

Alson Shepherd demonstrating silk painting
Alison demonstrating her craft

WI members hard at work

WI Members hard at work

flourished. Its popularity rose and waned through the centuries, and it wasn't until the 1970s that it really took off again in the United States and it has been gaining more interest as a textile art ever since.

Alison showed us a variety of lovely cushions and samples which she had painted herself and whetted our appetites for what was to come, a step by step demonstration of painting on silk. Then came the opportunity to 'have a go'.

Whatever the final results (most of which were delightful) members thoroughly enjoyed their foray into the world of silk painting and for some it might be the beginning of a new creative quest. A fascinating, absorbing evening. Thank you Alison.

All Dressed Up 20s Style For the 90th Anniversary - posted 12 March 2011

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WI group
Jenny Saunders (Helmdon branch secretary),
Lynda Beck (Northamptonshire Federation Chairman)
and Jenny Liddicot

The 90th Anniversary celebrations of Helmdon branch WI were held on 9th March 2011 in the Reading Room.

It was a splendid, memorable occasion. Ater an enthusiastic rendering of Jerusalem (of course), twenty one members and guests enjoyed a 3-course supper provided by the committee. It was a particular pleasure to welcome Lynda Beck the Northamptonshire Federation Chairman and Mildred Cockram, President of the Federation from 1971 - 1919, accompanied by her daughter.

After the supper, members and guests were enjoyably entertained by Natasha Thompson and her accompanist Brenda. Natasha sang songs from the 1920s and gave us some insights on events and interesting facts from the era.

Hellmdon's President, Louise Stothard, read out from the original W.I. minute books of 1921 - 1926 and we learnt how members had demonstrations on glove making, papier mache and ironing starched collars, learnt about poultry keeping and sick room nursing. They went on visits far and wide and raised money for many good causes.

Our W.I. continues to hold interesting evenings for members with Cookery demonstrations, a visit from the Citizens Advice Bureau, a talk on Norway, a Quiz and Craft evenings to name just a few. We help out with various Village events, have had a Float for the Carnival and enjoy visits and socials as well as getting involved with many wider projects such as campaigning for clear food labeling and Environmental concerns. The W.I. is for every woman, young or old and Helmdon is a good example of this and always welcomes new members.

We are looking forward to the next 10 years!
Louise Stothard

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WI Walk To Cosgrove - posted 13 December 2010

wi walk to cosgrove

(from left to right) Diana Cliff, Jenny Liddicot,
Carol Brookhouse and Ann Smith

Between forty to fifity Wi members, including four of our own Helmdon branch, went on a six mile walk around Cosgrove in the autumn. It included walking along tow paths and through a tunnel, along a river bank, an aquaduct, looking at the site of the lost village of Old Wolverton and finally a nice lunch at The Barley Mow, Cosgrove. We all enjoyed it as we saw some lovely views and the weather was gorgeous - sunny, blue sky but cool - perfect for walking.
Ann Smith

Enjoyable Christmas Party - posted 3 December 2010

WI party members
(from left) Margaret Reardon, Mary Nash and Pauline Butler

WI members always look forward to enjoyng their Christmas Party, and this year was no exception.

After an excellent meal provided by members, there were games, a quiz, and members shared poems and stories with a Christmas theme. The evening was rounded off by the singing of carols, and thanks were given to the committee for all their hard work over the year.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Coffee Morning & Bring & Buy - posted 23 November 2010

All are welcome at the WI's Coffee Morning and Bring & Buy on Tuesday 30 November. This will be in the Reading Room from 10 am to 12 noon.

We hope to see you there.

Harvest Supper and AGM - 22 October 2010

WI members playing Beetle
Margaret Reardon and Jan Harrold
engrossed in a game of Beetle

The Annual General Meeting of the Helmdon branch of the WI took place on Wednesday 13 October with Louise Stothard beng elected President for the third year in succession.

After the formal meeting branch members sat down to a superb harvest meal provided by the committee, and the evening finished with a very competitive Beetle drive!

Summer Outing - posted 11 June 2010

It was unfortunate that the planned evening outing to the Herb Centre was cancelled, but sixteen members were able to visit the Three Shires Shopping Centre on 9 June. Although it wasn't quite 'shop till you drop', members were tempted particularly by the craft shop, the dress shop and the superb kitchenware shop, and afterwards relaxed with a cream tea in the excellent Darlington restaurant. Thank you, Jenny Saunders, for arranging this visit.

WI Report From Spring Talkabout - posted 11 June 2010

This year, so far, is once again proving to be enjoyable and informative for the WI and we are looking forward to a very good programme of speakers, events and demonstrations during 2010.

After our AGM in October 2009, Louise Stothard is continuing to be our Pesident.

In November, 19 members enjoyed making a Christmas tree decoration and festive boxes. This was great fun and got us into the Christmas spirit.

In December, members enjoyed a Christmas meal, served and cooked by First Choice caterers. Entertainment was provided by the members!

In January 2010 members who were lucky enough to make their way through treacherous snow and ice were rewarded by a most entertianing and informative talk about wine tasting led by Alex Corrin. Sniffing and slurping was done with gusto.

Our February meeting took the form of a Quiz evening. Three teams of five members enjoyed the evening racking their brains for the correct answers.

For the rest of the 2010 programme consult the programme page. In addition, the details of WI holidays, outings, walks and craft events all appear in our monthly newsletter which is published by the County Federation. Helmdon WI is always well represented on the walking programe and Carol Brookhouse and Ann Smith have organised walks for the Federation locally.
Jenny Saunders

Wine Tasting At The WI - posted 30th January 2010

WI winetasting
Tasting the wine

Despite the snowy conditions, those members who braved the ice heard an enthusiastic Alex Corrin speak about wine at the January meeting. They were in for a treat. After telling us how she came to be qualified to talk, Alex gave a general background to a vast subject. We heard about red, roséand white wines and learnt something for example, about wine regions, the growing of the vines, and where best to buy wines. Questions came thick and fast, and indeed we came away with many tips and certainly with a better palate, because, as part of the proceedings, we were shown how to taste wine correctly – and with no spittoons on hand, we had no excuse but to swallow it!

Celebration Meal Rounds Off An Excellent Year - 5th December 2009

WI party

Jean Simmonds (far left) and Jo Foster
share a serious moment

Over twenty WI members celebrated Christmas in style at their December meeting, with a splendid three course meal. Entertainment was in-house, with Christmas jokes, riddles, stories and poems to get all present into the spirit of the season. It was a very enjoyable evening and a good end to an excellent WI year.

WI Federation Walk Round Helmdon - 11th July 2009

WI Federation Walk
Some Of The Walkers 'Ready For The Off'!

Carol Brookhouse and Ann Smith hosted an evening walk for Northanptonshire Federation of WIs in and around Helmdon on Wednesday 8th July.

Ten WI Clubs from the county were represented on the walk together with ten members of the Helmdon Branch.

Some fifty people set out from the Bell Inn for the walk which took in a visit to the Church to see the William Campion window and the yew tree.

The walk then continued along the old 'nibble & clink' railway line before turning back towards the village with excellent views of Astwell Castle in the distance.

After walking the length of the village from Cross Lane it finished back at the Bell, where an excellent buffet supper was served.

Talks By Two Talented Helmdonites- 14th January 2009

From left to right: Sarah Valentine, Celia Terrey,
and far right, Ann Smith, looking at Sally's fine jewellery

The WI had the pleasure of visits from two members of the village at meetings at the beginning of 2009.

In January, villager Sally Gordon (a holistic therapist and reiki master practitioner) and a fellow therapist, Sue Pontin, gave a demonstration of reflexology with willing participant Ann Smith, and talked about healthy living.

Also working in Helmdon is Sarah Valentine, far left, and at the February meeting she talked about the beautiful silver jewellery she makes, often to designs requested by clients, and dazzled us by the display of jewellery that she brought along for us to see.

A Summer Bluebell Walk - 26th May 2008

The Way Through The Woods ...

Helmdon WI is certainly not all "jam and Jerusalem".

On Wednesday, May 9th a group of fifteen members went to Hazelborough Woods to see the bluebells. Yes, we did find some! Then it was off to the King's Head in Syresham for an enjoyable evening meal.

The WI is as much about making friends and socialising as any other aim, and we have happy evenings whilst learning something along the way. Our programme is on the WI page - why not come and join in with us one Wednesday? We will quite understand if you decide we are not your scene - we love to welcome visitors at any time.

Cottage Crafts At Meeting - 11th April 2008

From left to right: Margaret Whittle, Jackie Oliver,
and Celia
Terrey (enjoying the scent of hand-made soap!)

The WI welcomed nearly thirty members and friends to their meeting on Wednesday 9th April.

The occasion was a visit from Peter and Margaret Whittle. For thirteen years they had opened their house once a year to sell the crafts they made in aid of the Katherine House Hospice. In time the event became too overwhelming to manage and it was their eventual decision to cease the open days, and to go "on the road".

Peter and Margaret gave a unique presentation. They told us what it was like to have 9,026 people through their home at Tadmarton in order to raise the magnificent sum of £74,091 – Margaret described, for instance, the hundreds of jars of jam, the moving of furniture, the catering needed for hundreds of people. And all the time they were unpacking their stock, talking about it, and displaying beautifully made hand-made articles, cards, jewellery, soap, and painstakingly carved traditional and original wooden toys. Their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment showed through, and it was obvious why they were Banbury Guardian Millennium heroes in 2000 and Banbury Guardian Fundraisers of the Year in 2005.

The WI are pleased to report that the sale of crafts at the end of the evening added another £209 to Peter and Margaret Whittle's fund for the Katherine House Hospice.

Visit to Stowe School - 12th July 2007


Approaching the grand entrance to Stowe

In June WI members visited Grafton Regis, and had the pleasure of being shown round the village and church by costumed guides. The July meeting was a contrast. The venue was Stowe School and this time time our party of twenty members and friends were guided through the grand house by the retired school matron, who was passionate about her subject.

Stowe was known in its heyday as Stowe Place and it was almost continuously rebuilt and refurbished by the Temple-Grenville family until the time of the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, whose expensive tastes led to bankruptcy from which the family never really recovered. However, it was rescued from almost certain destruction by the creation of Stowe School in 1923. We were able to see, amongst other rooms, the neo-classical splendour of the library and the Blue Room, and were fascinated, in particular, by the wonderful ceilings still existing in the part of the building that is open to the public. It is good to know that the Stowe House Preservation Trust is in the midst of a restoration plan for the building.

A convivial meal at a nearby hostelry rounded off the evening in great style!

Eighty Five Years Young - 8th March 2006

From left to right: Christine Farmer, Diana Birch, Ann Harman and Mildred Cockram.
From left to right: Christine Farmer, Diana Birch,
Ann Harman and Mildred Cockram

On March 8th, over twenty members of Helmdon WI celebrated its eighty fifth anniversary. Ann Harman, the President of the branch, welcomed to the Reading Room visitors Diana Birch, Chairman of the Northamptonshire Federation, and two past Federation Chairmen, Mildred Cockram and Christine Farmer, who have become friends over the years.

On display were handicrafts which have won prizes for members over the years, and a wonderful array of scrapbooks detailing WI events.

The evening began with a fascinating talk by Janice Johnson on the making of a beautiful Quaker tapestry. This was followed by light refreshments, and then came the ceremony of cutting the anniversary cake, with the occasion culminating in a toast in champagne to the next eighty five years!

A selection of handicrafts were on display.
A selection of handicrafts
were on display.
The anniversary cake celebrates 85 years.
The anniversary cake
celebrates 85 years.

Massage At WI - 8th February 2006

And... relax!
And... relax!

WI members were in for an interesting evening when Marianne Allitt, a holistic therapist, visited them at their monthly meeting on February 8th.

Marianne explained various therapies, particularly aromatherapy, which works with the pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural, complementary therapy which can help to improve both physical and emotional well being.

All present were able to experience the lovely fragrances, and, after a coffee break, the Reading Room took on an unusual look. Marianne produced a massage couch, and three lucky WI members were given a relaxing and beneficial treatment.

Summer of Fun
- 27th August 2005

From left to right: Jack Harman (who came along for the meal!), Jean Brookhouse, Louise Stothard, Celia Terrey, Ann Winch, Pauline Payne, Pauline Butler and Zena Balch.
From left to right: Jack Harman (who came along for the meal!),
Jean Brookhouse, Louise Stothard, Celia Terrey, Ann Winch,
Pauline Payne, Pauline Butler and Zena Balch

Members enjoyed a pleasant evening walk to Sulgrave followed by a meal and chat at the Star Inn, Sulgrave.

In June Helmdon WI enjoyed a walk through the conservation area at Oxhill Farm, Warwickshire. and in July they very much appreciated an evening browsing round their chairman, Louise Stothard's, garden, followed by supper in her home.

Other news: members entered a poem for the Denman Cup, entitled "Women". One of our member's poems was picked to go forward to the National final. We entered the WI Federation Show at Moulton where we achieved two first, one second and a third.

Getting Ready For Christmas
- 10th November 2004

Members of the WI busy getting ready for Christmas
Members of the WI busy getting ready for Christmas

At the November meeting of the WI members enjoyed making Christmas door plaits under the watchful eye of Jenny Saunders, who came up with the idea and guided us through the intricacies. Then it was into the kitchen, where Margaret Reardon set our mouths a-watering with a professional demonstration of sweet making, the finished boxes of which were raffled later in the evening.

The WI is as much about making friends and socialising as any other aim, and we have happy evenings whilst learning something along the way. Our programme is on the WI page - why not come and join in with us one Wednesday? We will quite understand if you decide we are not your scene - we love to welcome visitors at any time.

Teas Are Much Appreciated - 30th March 2004

The WI provide lunches or teas for various groups two or three times a year. The groups are en route for various local attractions e.g. Sulgrave Manor, and either drop in to Helmdon before or after for refreshments. In this case Probus, the business men's club in Buckingham and their wives, went to the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon and the letter below was sent to Jenny Saunders:

Milton Keynes
31st March 2004
Mrs J Saunders
Helmdon WI

Dear Mrs Saunders

This is just to thank you and your fellow ladies of Helmdon Women's Institute for the really excellent tea you provided for the Buckingham Probus Club yesterday. There was much talk on the coach afterwards about how everybody had enjoyed themselves and the Women's Institute and Helmdon in particular are now held in the highest regard by many people who did not realize what you and your friends could offer.

I would like to add my personal thanks for the welcome you gave us when we arrived with colourful flowers on the table etc. and it was a delight for me to discover I had a namesake in your village.

Please thank everyone concerned.

(Signed) David Mander

Double Treat for the WI - 14th May 2003

Doreen England and Jenny Saunders model some of the hats on show.
Doreen England and Jenny Saunders
model some of the hats on show.

The WI had an excellent evening on 14th May. Their speaker was Hillary Hammond of Hillary's Hat Hire, Bodicote. She deftly led sixteen WI members through the history of the hat industry, which had it beginnings in seventeenth century Luton, illustrating her talk with actual examples of different hat styles through the ages. Then, in the interval before refreshments, members had the opportunity to try on over ninety hats which she had brought which could be worn at low key or more fashionable weddings, or at prestigious events such as Ascot and Henley.

The WI Players - L to R Sue Mantle, Audrey Forgham and Ann Smith.
The WI Players - L to R Sue Mantle,
Audrey Forgham and Ann Smith.

More was in to follow! Twenty branches of the WI in Northamptonshire had signed up to take part in a drama competition, their brief being a conversation between a woman in history and a woman of the 21st century, and two judges arrived to see a duologue presented by Helmdon branch members. Ann Smith wrote the text (inspired by a WEA, adult education course Helmdon had in the spring), and she and Sue Mantle ably performed it. The audience were very appreciative of all the time and effort which had gone into the production. Thanks are due to Conrad Woolley, who had recorded the singing of "The Vicar of Bray" which served as an introduction, Jan Harrold, who helped with the 18th century costume, and Audrey Forgham, who provided moral support during rehearsals and acted as "noises off"!

Christmas Party 2002 - 4th December 2002

WI members sit down to a scrumptious meal
WI members sit down to a scrumptious meal

An eagerly awaited event in the WI calendar is the Christmas lunch, so on 4th December 2002 sixteen members of the Helmdon branch of the WI sat down to another delicious Christmas repast. Ann Harman cooked the turkey and ham, with other committee members contributing to the scrumptious meal. After games the evening ended with traditional carols.

80th Anniversary Celebrations - 14th March 2001

Members of Helmdon WI celebrating their 80th birthday at the Red Lion, Brackley
Members celebrating their 80th
birthday at the Red Lion, Brackley

In 1921 a group of ladies got together to form "Helmdon Women's Institute". Eighty years later, on 14 March, 18 members and 3 guests got together to celebrate the occasion with party at the Red Lion Public House in Brackley.

A warm welcome was expressed to everyone by the President, Ann Harman, and flowers were presented to the guests.

Gay Wallis, who is leaving the village, was given a gift of garden tokens from the members. Business was kept to an absolute minimum, and an excellent 3-course meal was enjoyed by all.

A gift of a water carafe and glass for the speaker's table at Helmdon Reading Room (the usual venue for the meetings) was made by Mildred Cockram, and Christine Farmer toasted the future success of Helmdon WI.

Click here to see gallery of photos from the evening! [T B A ? ? ? ?]

Northampton Carers
- 10th January 2001

At a meeting on 10 January 2001, Denise Mawby of the Princess Royal Northampton Carers Centre (01604 232500) spoke about her work, and the continuing search for carers who needed support and information about the issues that concern them most, including welfare benefits advice, carer's support groups, emotional support to carers who are feeling distress, and information on taking a break, respite care and practical help at home. Members were impressed by the amount of help that the Centre could provide and will in future be on the lookout to point carers in the direction of the help and advice that is there for them in many different ways.

Cookery Demonstration - 8th November 2000

Margaret Reardon making a peach and marzipan tart
Margaret Reardon making a
peach and marzipan tart

Members of the WI crowded into the kitchen of the Reading Room on Wednesday, 8 November 2000 for a cookery demonstration by Margaret Reardon, assisted by Jan Harrold.

Tasters for those present included mulled red wine, canapés, pumpkin soup, pork stir fry and homemade truffles. In spite of the vagaries of one of the ovens, Margaret also demonstrated salmon and cucumber quiche and peach and marzipan tart, which made for delectable raffle prizes.

(A quick tip for all those weight watchers. Margaret suggested making and slightly cooling a non-calorie jelly, then mixing in a Müller Light yoghurt. This makes the equivalent of three Müller Light containers , at ½ point each).

AGM 2000

Nineteen members of the WI attended the 2000 Annual General Meeting, which reported a successful year. The meeting was followed by a harvest supper, which was enjoyed by all.

We were pleased to welcome VCO Pam Farrington to the meeting.

Doreen England won the cup for the most points for competitions over the year, and Jenny Saunders won the cup for winning the most "flowers of the month" competitions.