Helmdon Presents

Helmdon Presents: Live Performances

We promote touring theatre companies, music ensembles, solo performers (poetry, music, comedy, etc.). These events are well attended so please book early to be sure of a seat.

We also arrange occasional trips to local theatres where a particular show or performance appeals to group members.

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Helmdon Presents: Children's Films

We show a variety of children's films in the Reading Room, usually on a Sunday afternoon during the winter months. The event starts with an optional activity related to the film (games, craft, etc.) then the children can relax on a beanbag with a drink and a snack and enjoy the film!

Why children's films? The idea is to allow children and young people to experience the joy of cinema in the village by giving them the opportunity to watch films in a friendly setting, socialise with their friends and take part in an activity related to the film. We also feel it is important to show a wide variety of films not currently on offer in local cinemas (such as Japanese animation, independent films, etc.), making sure these film showings are accessible to all.

For Children's Film programme please click here.

Helmdon Presents: Film Club

We show a good selection of films... action, drama, biopic etc. in English and foreign languages. There are films which appeal to all age groups.

Our state-of-the-art equipment fills the Reading Room with sound, providing a great cinema experience. You are welcome to attend as a guest for one Friday evening session.

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Helmdon Presents: Film Club Extra

Some additional film screenings are coming to Helmdon to complement the existing film club programme. These films will either be longer or more art house (or both) than the usual film club programme.

We'll be showing a series of three films on a Thursday night during the winter months, starting in November. Relax with some popcorn and a beer/glass of wine and be surprised by the quality of the surround sound in Helmdon's Reading Room!

We charge a very small entrance fee for guests (or free to film club members). You are welcome to join us and bring your friends along too. For programme information please click here. Hope to see you soon!