Helmdon 200 Club - Lottery Rules

Rules for the Helmdon 200 Club Lottery

  1. The objective of the lottery is to raise money for the Friends of St Mary Magdalene Church Helmdon and the Reading Room Helmdon in order to maintain the buildings.
  2. The club will be run by an Administrative Committee, comprising of a Chairman, Treasurer and a Draw Organiser.
  3. The 200 Club year will start in November.
  4. 200 shares will be available for members to purchase.
  5. Shares will be sold at £25.00 per annum per share for a minimum period of 12 months. The monies are non refundable. Share certificates will only be valid for the period that subscriptions have been paid. There is no limit to the number of shares per person.
  6. Only persons who are members will be allowed to participate.
  7. The monthly prizes are proposed as 1st. £100, 2nd £40.00, 3rd £25.00, 4th £15.00 5th £10. There will be a bonus prize draw for those numbers that have not won a prize.
  8. The monthly draw will take place on the 4th Sunday of each month at 12.00 noon at The Reading Room and winners will be notified. A full list of winners will be posted on the Parish notice boards and the Helmdon Parish Council web site.
  9. A bank account will be opened into which all monies received will be paid and from where cheques for prize monies will be issued. All profits will be shared equally between the Friends of St Mary Magdalene Church and the Reading Room and will be paid annually after prizes have been paid out.
  10. A register will be kept of all members and prize monies paid.
  11. In the event of smaller or greater numbers of members the committee can amend the membership and prizes accordingly.
  12. In the event of a dispute the decision of the Administrative Committee is final.

Constitution of the Helmdon 200 Club Lottery

  1. NAME The Club shall be called the Helmdon 200 Club Lottery (hereinafter called 'The Lottery')
  2. OBJECTS The sole object of The Lottery shall be the raising and provision of funds by members of The Lottery for the benefit of the Reading Room, Helmdon and the Friends of St Mary Magdalene Church, Helmdon in order to maintain the buildings in good repair.
  3. Membership to The Lottery shall be granted by the Committee only to members of the Helmdon 200 Club.
  4. Each member of The Lottery by virtue of his or her membership agrees to pay the annual sum of £25 in advance for each share.
  5. Membership shall be from 1st November to 31st October in year following.
  6. No person shall be entitled to participate in the Lottery unless issued with a valid membership. Purchase of one share constitutes membership.
  7. PAYMENT OF MONIES (i) The annual payment shall be £25 per share. (ii) The total payment must be paid by the 31st October each year. Instalments will not be accepted.
  8. All monies shall be paid to the Treasurer with cheques payable to the 'Helmdon 200 Club'.
  9. TICKETS and DRAW A share certificate shall be issued on receipt of the full annual subscription.
  10. Each certificate will bear a unique number and the club member's name and share number shall be entered each month into a prize draw provided good funds have been received on or before the due date. Each prize draw will take place in the Reading Room, Helmdon, at approx 12 noon on the fourth Sunday of each month. The draw will be witnessed by at least 2 members of the Committee or members of the Committees of the beneficiary charities.
  11. The venue and dates of the draw will be published on the parish notice boards and the Helmdon Parish Council web site. The monthly list of prize winners will also be published by the same means.

Approved by the Management Committee