Flower and Produce Show

Flower and Produce Show - An Introduction

The annual Flower and Produce Show encourages people of all ages to grow and display fruits, vegetables and flowers and to demonstrate their skill in making preserves or baking bread and cakes.

It culminates in the annual show in the Reading Room, which is always well attended and raises money for local charities.

The show itself usually takes place on the Saturday of the August bank holiday weekend. To take account of the season, judging of the garden classes takes place in June and of hanging baskets in July.

While we take pride in our show, competition is friendly and the rules are kept simple to encourage as many people as possible to take part.

Although the show's format is well tested, the Committee is always interested in ideas to bring new interest and engage more people in supporting the show. If you have any ideas or suggestions, particularly to involve children, please contact Phillip Ward.

2023 Flower and Produce Show

This year the Flower and produce Show will take place on Saturday 26 August in the Reading Room as usual. Show schedules will be distributed in the next few days. If you can't wait or don't receive one, you can download a copy here. Although the show itself happens in August entries - and judging - for the garden classes take place earlier. Please look at the dates in the schedule for details.

Entering any of the classes is easy. The simplest way is to email (ward@btinternet.com) but entry forms can be delivered to the named individuals or at the village cafe on 20 June or 22 August. Since the object is to encourage as many people as possible to join in, we are flexible about when entries should be made but it makes life a lot easier if you make entires early and by the named dates - please.

Once again we are grateful for sponsorship by Material Change - the operators of the Blackpits composting and renewable energy site. We are also continuing to use the proceeds to support the Horton Hospital Charity and Dogs for Good. To help boost the amount we can give the show schedule this year has been restructured to fit on a single sheet saving 400 sheets of paper and £50 for the charities. But the thing that counts is the money we take from show entries and on the day. So please enter and please come along on 26 August and enjoy the show.

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