Education - Online & Face-to-Face

The education facilities detailed below are links to external websites. These links will typically open in a new tab. Helmdon Parish Council cannot accept any responsibility for the information or web links provided by external websites.

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Online Learning

BBC Bitesize - Learn at home with lessons for a wide range of school ages. Click here to get started.
Some lessons are broadcast as TV programs e.g. CBBC - from 9am weekdays - primary school ages.

BBC Teach - Free primary and secondary school teaching resources. Click here for more information. Links to BBC Bitesisize during summer holidays.

BBC iPlayer Lockdown Learning channel allows access to many BBC educational programs.

OpenLearn - Why not trying one of The Open University's free courses

FutureLearn - Choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations (online courses, some with chargeable extensions)

WEA (Workers' Educational Association) offer a wide range of online courses. These courses are normally chargeable. However, free courses are offered under certain circumstances. Click here to browse WEA courses in the East Midlands.

Webpage (which has been suggested by an overseas user of our "What to do" listings) offers links to a world-wide range of museums, zoos, aquaria/aquariums, historical sites, landmarks and more. Note that other pages on this website may carry advertisements.


Primary Schools

For information about other local primary schools use a web search, or try - note that this external website contains advertisements.

Secondary Schools

For information about other local secondary schools use a web search, or try - note that this external website contains advertisements.

Further Education / Higher Education / Adult Education

Local Adult Education - including courses not for qualifications

The above are a selection of local providers. For information about other providers please use a web search.