Alice in Wonderland

Bridge Players Panto 2010

Congratulations to Crew & Cast of the sensational Helmdon Bridge Players! I've seen Dave Bridger in drag more times than 'normal''s his choice, after all...

Morag Underwood (Director) and Dave Bridger (Producer) have teamed up to produce Alice in Wonderland and another pantomime to remember.

Young Alice (Jo Ezzy) tries her level best to prevent her overbearing mother Dame Millicent Milksop (Dave Bridger) from getting their heads chopped off by the formidable Queen of Hearts (Becky Leitelmayer). They are set a task to retrieve a golden heart from the goldmine belonging to The Wizard (Eddie Garner), who then offers to lead them out of Muddleup Wood. Optimistically, this assemblage strives together on a new quest to defeat the evil Knave of Spades (Fraser Turner) and one-way love blossoms between the cautious Wizard and impatient Dame Milly. A fluffy but always late White Rabbit and hilarious downtrodden King of Hearts receive our deepest sympathy. Fear not because those pesky little haggises are no match for a truer love between sweet Princess Ruby (Georgia Crouch) and the enthusiastic Prince of Diamonds (Hector Sharpe). Thankfully, it all turns out well in the end.

With dazzling professionalism and funny one-liners, spell-binding and stellar performances kept the audience wanting more every time!

If my twin brother Tweedle Dum hadn't run me through with an invisible sword I would praise his performance too. All the rest of the cast, dancers, card soldiers, Cheshire Cat, Haggises, hippies, Tea Party team, caterpillar, butterfly, mine workers, rose painters and of course Wally the Joker deserve praise for fantastic efforts!

Thank you to all those who helped make this year's panto one of the best ever (oh, yes it was...)! Without the Crew setting the lights and sound, properties, choreography and sound effects the performances are never complete and appreciation goes to John Coatsworth, Dave Dyndor, Val Smith, Celia Edmondson, Phil Bridger, Joe Adhemar; to the Band, directed by John Plunkett; to the Makeup team; and refreshments! At last now you can honestly shout that "It's behind you..."

Costumes and stage makeup can't hide the identities of the cast – you know who you are!

Report by Jonathan Oldershaw