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Remember Remember... To SAVE THE DATE!

Remember Remember... To SAVE THE DATE!

Thu, 13 Sep 2018 19:30 by Robert Duncombe

The Helmdon Acorns firework committee have been busy working hard behind the scenes preparing for this year's firework display. Don't forget to save the date. This year the fantastic display will be held on Saturday 10th November. If you enjoyed it last year... this year will be bigger and better than ever! Tickets will be on sale soon so watch this space! Last year tickets SOLD OUT before the night, so we recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. The Acorns Committee will also be inviting people to contribute to the bonfire with waste wood. We will keep you informed when the fire begins to take shape.

WEA Autumn Course Starts 18th Sept. 2018

WEA Autumn Course Starts 18th Sept. 2018

Thu, 13 Sep 2018 15:06 by Richard

David Price is returning to Helmdon to present the adult education course "Behind the Iron Curtain: Life in Eastern Europe under Communism". Course enrolment & week 1 on Tues 18th Sept.

About this Course: How becoming part of the Soviet Bloc after the Second Word War affected people in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. More »

Topics include the story of the Berlin Wall; the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland; work, leisure and entertainment; the arts; youth groups; rebellions and uprisings in the 1950s; the secret police organisations; how and why change happened in the 1080s. More course information here » Less

Signing Off Helmdon.com...

Signing Off Helmdon.com...

Sun, 09 Sep 2018 21:20 by Robert Duncombe

The very last entry has been added to the "old" village web site (see screenshot below). Over the next few days, helmdon.com will be closed down and visitors will be redirected to the new village web site at helmdonparishcouncil.gov.uk. More »

Thank you to all the hundreds and thousands of visitors to helmdon.comover the past eighteen years, and for the all the posts, contributions and photographs.

Danny Moody, webmaster for helmdon.com for 20 years says his final farewell...

"It has been an absolute pleasure being Helmdon Webmaster all these years and I shall miss doing it. Audrey Forgham and I have collaborated on the web site for the best part of twenty years and have swapped e-mails about web site stuff almost every single day (that's over 7,000 times!). It's been great fun working with Audrey and we plan to carry on working together on a new local history web site (coming soon!).

So, signing off now as... Helmdon Webmonster."

The Parish Council would like to thank Danny and Audrey on behalf of the village for their hard work and commitment. » Less

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